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7 Virtually UNKNOWN Secrets To Get More People To Show Up To Your Webinars... And Actually Buy What You Are Selling!

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Inside Of This Free eBook You'll Discover The Secrets To Get More People To Show Up To Your Webinars:
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  • 7 powerful marketing tweaks (during each step of the funnel) that can change EVERYTHING for your webinar...and your whole business!
  • ​How to turn more page visitors into webinar registrants...and registrants into attendees...and attendees into customers who buy the thing you’re selling!  
  • ​Come behind-the-scenes of how we craft our webinar funnels, and find out why we do what we do…(there are MANY reasons behind it!)
  • ​How to get more people to show up to your webinar & buy from you...without actually changing anything in your actual presentation! 
  • ​What the customer lifeline (and pilots and butterflies) have to do with the SUCCESS of your webinar…
  • The little “hinges” that swing BIG doors in your marketing efforts...these are the gold nuggets that can make a difference of 3%... 5%...10% or more, creating a GIANT tidal wave of change over time!
  • ​Quickly boost BOTH your registration rate AND show up rate by adding this ONE thing to your headline...
  • ​The simplest, quickest tweak you can make on your landing page that makes visitors WANT to sign up for your webinar (...and actually show up!)
  • ​The #1 REASON why people register for webinars (In fact, you can boost BOTH your registration rate AND show up rate by adding this ONE thing to your headline…)
  • ​How to create MULTIPLE open loops on your registration page that leave visitors with SO many questions, that they have to register to get the answers…
  • ​The psychology behind why some of my BEST performing registration pages consist of only TWO page “elements”...
  • ​8 “real life” examples of registration pages that use this secret hack to get WAY more leads coming in, and drops lead cost dramatically!
  • ​Why leaving OUT information on your registration page (or telling your visitors what it’s NOT) ironically SERVES your customers better!
  • ​The missing piece we added to a client’s registration page that slashed his lead cost from $24 down to just $5.84...and boosted show-up rate by almost 10% in the process! (That’s 5X more registrants he’s getting for the same amount of money!)
  • ​We experimented with adding ONE specific ‘element’ to our landing page back when everything was shut down...and this test absolutely CRUSHED IT!!
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  • How to turn registrations into major sales, BEFORE they even leave your funnel, or see your webinar!
  • ​The 3 critical questions we asked our audience on our registration page...that LED to them literally telling us what they needed to be sold! (You can model this for your funnel!)
  • ​Why we SPLIT our “thank you pages” into multiple different variations…(and why you’re probably losing money if you haven’t adopted this yet)!
  • ​How we made it so that almost ALL of our registrants for our webinar, came to us for FREE!
  • ​The ‘hack’ we use to generate $2 every time a person registers for our presentation, and break even before the webinar even happens! (The webinar is pure profit at that point!)
  • ​What DATING your other half can teach you about internet marketing (this will get your webinar registrants to not only show up, but eagerly anticipate what’s in store for them!)
  • ​What to do BEFORE the webinar actually starts to get your registrants excitedly WAITING, and practically begging to watch your presentation!
The best way to prepare your audience for what they are about to watch on your webinar (do this right, and they’ll practically sell themselves on your solution before they even attend!).
  • Why giving a ‘sneak peek’ at your presentation actually improves overall attendance and performance of your webinar funnel (when done the correct way). 
  • ​Check out our behind-the-scenes “real life” EXAMPLES of how we get our viewers prepared and EXCITED to watch our presentations!
  • ​Get a walk-through of what happens on each ‘Sneak Peek’ page, so you can use this same concept to build anticipation for your webinars as well!
  • ​How to ANCHOR your pre-framing that happens before your webinar to KEY parts in your presentation (so they get super excited to come watch those specific spots in your webinar to learn more!)
  • ​How to first open up MORE curiosity loops in your webinar funnel that can’t be answered unless they show up and watch your presentation... 
  • to warm your watchers up ahead of time, so that when they do watch your webinar, they’re far more likely to buy from you!
  • ​The “Video Spoiler Box” is one of the ‘hacks’ we’ve found that increases the conversions the HIGHEST on a Video Sales Letter (VSL)...(but we’ll show you how the SAME hack can be applied to any webinar funnel!)
video spoiler box example
  • How to HOOK your audience to actually get them to watch your webinar. (We’ve been using this hack for over a decade - BEFORE ClickFunnels even existed - because it works so well!)
  • ​What to put inside your “Video Spoiler Box” to get people excited to WATCH your presentation all the way through to the end!
  • ​How to create multiple mini-hooks on your presentation page to make your viewers go watch the most important parts of your webinar!
  • ​See a REAL example from of one of my OLD OLD web pages that uses ‘Hack #4’...(I’ve been talking about the power behind this hack for a LONG time, yet I’ve only seen TWO other people doing this with their webinars!)
  • ​How to continuously PULL your viewers BACK into your video to make sure they consume your WHOLE presentation - (not just the first 2 minutes).
  • ​Want to see ACTUAL EXAMPLES of how we use the ‘modified’ Hack #4 for all of our webinars? We’ll walk you through 2 examples!
  • ​How to leverage people’s FAVORITE ways to consume content inside your funnel - so MORE eyeballs get on your offer! 
  • What to include in your email when you send your audience the REPLAY of your webinar (this helps convert registrants who don’t have a lot of time - who may not have attended or watched your presentation - into BUYERS.) 
  • ​Want to take Hack #5 to the NEXT level? Here’s what we do to SAVE a ton of sales (that would have otherwise probably been lost) from people who may not actually see the webinar! (P.S. Agora Financial - a $1.5 Billion per year empire who tests practically EVERYTHING - also does this for all of their presentation funnels as well!)
  • ​The special strategy I use in Email #3 of my webinar follow-up sequence to get MORE viewers to consume our presentation!
  • ​The “chopped” video to email your registrants as your “cart close” time approaches (this allows them to see your offer in a really FAST, really clear way, so they can get all the info they need to make a buying decision.)
  • ​...AND, I share exactly how I word that email so they’ll click to go watch!
  • ​How to replicat the “table rush of buyers” effect that is typically found during stage-selling presentations...and create MASSIVE social proof for your product at the end of your webinar! (To date, this has been one of the highest converting webinar strategies that increased our sales!)
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2. Because (unlike other "gurus") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online selling software, supplements, physical products and more)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

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4. I'm kinda a show off... I'm not going to lie. I'm sick of people throwing out conversion numbers and their stats without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show the actual stats and #'s behind what we do, and well... honestly, I just want you to think I'm cool. :)
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